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Rules for What ?

On and off the field
By Sanjeeb Mukherjee

Imagine what the code of conduct for the Indian players will be if the BCCI (Board of Cricket Control cricket of India) is allowed to have its way. Well, it might be something like this, no player will be allowed to venture out of the hotel room without the permission of the coach or manager or rules might even be layed for dressing up in unofficial functions. Sounds strange but it may very soon become a reality if the BCCI, stung by its worldwide disrepute following the betting and match fixing scandals, clears the new-set of code of conduct. Surprisingly this time, the ministry of sports of Government of India is showing a very keen interest in framing the code for conduct for Indian cricketers.

In the process, the energetic BCCI which over the years has ceased to function as a body promoting and nurturing cricket in India has tried to rectify some of its past mistakes. It is due to the over-enthusiasm that the board showed in conducting one-day cricket involving the Indian cricketers that resulted in players getting fatigued and losing steam before age. The crores on money involved in these games breed corruption and disloyalty amongst the players. When matters got out of hand suddenly the board realized that enough is enough and came out with a set of rules, which give the feeling of schoolish doís and doníts. Forgetting in the process that Indian cricketers are not kids to be taught the way to conduct themselves. They are grown-up enough to require anything like code of conduct. The ministry of sports too felt that on matters relating to the conduct of players they have the right to interfere and promptly called the BCCI president to get the code of conduct cleared from the ministry.

The poor cricketers already under the dragnet of the CBI and undergoing the agony of being removed from their public created pedestal of demi-Gods have another reason to worry. They now will move at public places, in cricket fields and elsewhere under the rules. Any violation of the rules will call for strict action. This time the BCCI does not want to take any chances. If newspapers reports are to be believed, curbs have been imposed on even meeting friends and acquaintances during cricket-matches and cricket tours. Surprisingly no reaction has come from any former cricket players on these rules. Probably they might have anticipated such a things after the flak that board drew from the media and the cricket lovers on its role over the years in controlling the morass in Indian cricket.

Some including former members of the Board openly alleged that board members, coaches and other were hand in glove in the whole episode all through the years. Similar silence was from the present set-up players, but it was expected. Because by an earlier rule, players except the captain have been forbidden from speaking to the media and press. Hence when they finally speak they speak their hear out, opening many hidden coffins. Like Manoj Prabhakar did recently. He repeatedly said that he was bound by the rules of the board which prohibited him from speaking against the malpractices in the team to the media. This points out to another disadvantage of the code of conduct, due to them even facts like corruption and dissension in Indian cricket teams which harms the game more if kept under the closet than brought into open is not allowed for the people to know. If rules are to be framed, they should be in the form of general guidelines, which is upto the players to adhere to without any penalty.

Infact rules should not be for the cricket players in the first instance , let their conscience and pride of playing for the countryís honour and also the fear of falling from the high images of the people of this country guide them on field and off-field actions.

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