Strange are the ways
The shameless matchfixers

The CBI report is out and as expected those who were suspected to be involved have been named in the report. Kapil Dev is the only one who has come out spotless inspite of so much mud slinging and various other things. One does feel bad for Kapil as he went through the trauma and agony for no rhyme or reason. But what one is left wondering is the way others and especially Azharuddin has behaved all this while. Well no thief in this world would call himself a thief unless he is caught red handed. But who in the World would bring up unnecessary issues and create a furor over that. I am referring to the comments that Azhar made the first time he was seriously accused when he said that people were attacking him because he is from a minority. One wonders what he has to say now that he has himself admitted to fixing matches. The others accused Jadeja, Mongia, Prabhakar have denied but they know it themselves that it is just a matter of time before they will have to come out with the truth.

It is a great shame that millions worshiped these cricketers and they betrayed the faith of those without blinking an eyelid. Inspite of being one of the richest cricketers in the World they still could not resist the lure of money.  They have brought this great game of cricket to its lowest level and it would take a mammoth task to bring it back to where it belongs. The effort would have to be from all quarters. All the teams, ICC, BCCI will have to take a huge initiative to eradicate the dirt that has crept into the game. The solution might seem difficult but nothing is impossible. The faith has been badly destroyed and shattered. But there is always a ray of hope. 


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