Sunny’s double-speaking!
Gavaskar on the selectors selection
By Vimal Kumar

During his playing days, Sunil Gavaskar rarely played with cross-bat. And he continues his style, even in his writing and commentary. But, at times, like all human beings, he too gets carried away. In one of his columns recently, he gives the impression of double-speaking.

The man, having the authority of 10,000 runs, very well knows that his words have always the unofficial bearing on BCCI’s functioning. So, he never lets any opportunity to criticize, when it comes to the selectors.

Sunny has always been concerned about the devaluation of Indian cap, and this time, he has again questioned the logic of giving break to, too many youngsters these days. Sunny’s argument- that a player should not be given chance in International arena till he has enough first class experience is unconvincing. Infact, it is absurd. We have seen the classic case of Wasim Akram, who was picked by Imran khan, when Akram was a ‘net bowler’. We have always wondered that how Pakistan produces amazing cricketing talents at regular intervals. The reason is simple. They never hesitate in giving break to youngsters, without bothering too much about first class experience.

In a country like India, where we have plethora of potentially brilliant talents available, we never know which may click. So, hit and trial method is not an entirely bad concept. By this method, we may get a Sachin Tendulkar or an Anil Kumble.

One is not suggesting that entire team should be on trial, the nucleus of the side, say comprising of seven to eight players should be fixed, but for remaining two to three players, one has to always search for best talents. And to do that, one has to give the chances to youngsters to test their skills.

Sunny also says that all the members of present selection committee are lovely people but he doesn’t spare them from his ‘unlovely’ criticism. Mind you, not too many days ago, in Nairobi, Sunny had hailed the selector's decision for picking fresh faces like Zaheer and Yuvraj. Infact, he went a step further, rather uncharacteristically, when he said that the selectors deserve a pat on their back. One wonders that what has suddenly happened to Mr. Gavaskar for taking a U-turn.

Of course, Indian selectors have more often than not been foolish when it comes to sheer cricketing logic, but is it fair to always put the customary blame on selectors part for team’s poor show? Hopefully, the venerable Sunil Gavaskar will also spare a thought for ‘the most easy target’ in Indian cricket.

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