Time to think over Aussie & South African dominance
It doesn’t augur well for World Cricket
By Vimal Kumar

The other day – there were two interesting observations made by two cricketing – persons. The observations were scarcely similar, although one person was Gerald Majola, the new managing director of South African cricket board and the other one was the ruthless Aussies Captain Steve Waugh. While UCBSA chief was sincerely concerned over the increasing dominance of two teams – namely Australia and South Africa (which is not good for cricket in longer term) on the other hand Steve Waugh ‘urged’ the captains around the world to lift their game.

In other words, the deteriorating standard of cricket played by other countries may harm the over all popularity of the game. And to make situation worse, the ugliest Match fixing Scandal has taken away a lot of fans from the game. So, there is an urgent need to re-think and re-structure the game worldwide, to bring back the charm and affection attached to the great game.

The abysmal and pathetic level of Cricket played by the once-mighty West Indians and the sheer mediocrity displayed by the average sides like Zimbabwe and New Zealand are disenchanting for the aficionados of the game. For countries like India and Sri Lanka, they seem to so formidable in their respective countries but they are too vulnerable in the alien conditions. The ever-unpredictable Pakistani side might be the best gifted side of the world cricket but they are not doing justice to their talent. In fact, the Pakistani side is the only side which can genuinely challenge the stiff opponents like Australia and South Africa. But, then, the overall structure of Pakistani cricket is plagued by so many diseases. It is indeed saddening for world cricket.

Of late, the English side is improving but they are still not the crowd-pullers. Being a fine team is a different thing and having a Botham or Gower in the side is altogether a different thing.

It is high time that the ICC and all the cricketing nations sit together ad ponder for sometime for the upliftment of the game. These are not the best of times for cricket and spectators should not be taken for granted. In this regard, the views of Steve Waugh and Majola need to be seriously discussed. The sooner it happens, the better it is for the game. 

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