Young blood: Is the Indian future looking bright
The inclusion of youngsters has given a ray of hope to Indian cricket
By Ruchika Khanna

The Indian team has a new look to it and that is because of the inclusion of some really exciting cricketers, who have made a foray into the team just at the time when, Indian cricketís future was looking bleak. Amidst the entire match fixing allegations and some ordinary performances, here were some youngsters, who had the passion and the willingness to wear the blue blazer and the Indian cap. It was a refreshing change from all the monotony that had become so symbolic of the Indian team. To name a few, who have shown a lot of promise are Yuvraj Singh, Zaheer Khan, Hemang Badani, Shiv Sunder Das, Sriram, Reetinder Sodhi. Not only have they shown tremendous will power, but have also infused a lot of energy, which was missing in the previous lot.

The first to come into the limelight was 18 years old Yuvraj Singh, who at such a young age showed grit and the willingness to do well. He was up against a brutal Australian attack at Nairobi in the ICC Knockout Tournament. But that meant nothing to him as he thundered some excellent boundaries and played a match-winning knock of 84 to take India to the semifinals. He fields like a tiger and his agility is an inspiration to all his other teammates. He has shown the path to some of the seniors, who were shy of dirtying their clothes.

Others too have shown tremendous skill and love for the game. Shiv Sunder Das made every Indian and especially every person in Orissa proud, with his brilliant century. He displayed a very sound technique as well as temperament, which is very essential to succeed at this level. His knock made everybody sit up and take notice of his brilliant talent and may be, he is just what the team has been looking for since a long long time. Similarly, Badani has also played a magnificent, match-winning knock and has justified his selection. They have taken Indian cricket to a higher level and have saved it from getting lost in the shadows of gloominess.

It is too early to make predictions on the future of these young men but at least the BCCI has taken a leaf out of Pakistanís book and instilled young blood in the team. There is no doubt that this is the right step. How much this would reap, only time can tell.    


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