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Sourav changes his tastes
From Coke to Pepsi or do we say from Dona to Nagma!
By Ali Yawer Usmani

So one more is netted…! The list is increasing day by day. The drama has been enacted over years and the scenes keep playing at regularity with a change in star cast of course. YES! Folks, I am talking of the latest gossip (or the reality) to hit the town. And you guessed it right…The NAGMA-SOURAV affair.

When it comes to choice, our Bollywood, Tollywood, Mollywood and what not… bimbettes always prefer to choose cricketers to others. People like Jadeja and Dravid are quite high on the priority list of many ladies in the tinsel town. Why only our cricketers, even the cricketers from across the border are perennial favourites with our glamour dolls. Remember Mohsin-Reena and Imran-Zeenat affairs.

Now we have none but our own smart (without that thin moustache) cricket skipper Sourav Ganguly playing the same old game with the southern doll Nagma (well doll or a balloon…we will discuss that later…!). By the way why do these actresses always aim for our captains (Poor Azhar is a guinea pig ……he was aimed by Sangeeta and poor guy fell in her claws)? But as in the case of Azhar, is Sourav-Nagma story also a two-way affair. The grapevine has it that the two have indeed come very close and reports even speak of their engagement in a Temple in Andhra Pradesh. 

Now what should the Prince of Calcutta do? Well he keeps his mouth shut (like a crocodile…you know once closed cannot be opened) and the family denies all the affairs. Don’t you all feel a sense of déjà vu to all this. Azhar too had responded in the same way i.e. he had an affair but kept denying it till the day of his marriage with the Bollywood bomb… Sangeeta Bijlani. Even Sourav, was quite secretive when he had married Dona against the wishes of his parents.  

So are we seeing another ‘catch’ netted by the erstwhile Bollywood beauty? If that is true, it would be her most successful real life story…and that also an all India hit at the box office…or may I say the Marriage Registrar’s office…!


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