Failure and defeat are not things to fear'. If you fear either, you can't possibly play at your best. Respect failure and defeat, be aware of them and most importantly learn from them. This statement holds true for the current situation of English cricket.

England is supposed to be the home of cricket as it is the country where this game took birth. Infact, cricket is also the national game of England but inspite of this, England has never won the World cup. Forget about the World Cup, they stand eighth out of nine (test playing nations) in the International rankings which is more disgraceful.

It is pointless and inappropriate to put the blame on any one department. If English Cricket is to be improved, then everyone involved with this game has to take the responsibility of improving it by the best of his capabilities. More importantly,   the standard of the game is to be improved,  which includes time for quality practice, rest and recuperation, skill enhancement. All these things are very vital for the development of cricketers.

We think that England is desperately in need of some young players. Chris Schofield and Michael Davies are two wonderful prospects. Chris is a confident leg-spinner and Michael is an exciting left-arm spinner.

If the selectors and other personalities connected with Cricket do not infuse fresh air into English cricket, it may disappear from the England's map where it had originated.

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