Hi Indian Team, The one and only wish of all Indians is to win the World Cup. So may these be a advance Best of Luck to the Indian Team .And also for all the forthcoming tournaments which is a head of, we want the Cup's to lefted by our Indian Captain. WISH AND WISHES FOR EVER COULD BE NOTHING ELSE THAN *ALL THE BEST BEST OF LUCK *. Our ( All the cricket lovers ) prayer and wishes are with you team . Thanks & Regards ,  Devika -

Hi Carl , don't be nervous, come on u can beat the proteas,give them fight,c'mon buck up.
may the force be with u -

To England (especially Freddie Flintoff and Michael Vaughan)!  I am your biggest fan. You WILL win the aussies- success is a state of mind, so think positive lads! Extra luck to Freddie and Michael, 2 players to rock the world along with Trescothick and Goughie boy. Also, shabash to the Pakistan team because I love them too, particularly Saqi, Shahid and Imran Nazir. See you all in May! Good luck :-) - Gemma Kopel,

To Waqar Younis, Congrats on taking pak to victory in the recent sharjah game against Sri Lanka. I think you've handled the quick take over from Moin Khan really well. Raeesa -

To Moin Khan, Hope your knee's better soon. the Pakistan side is very odd and isn't the same without you behind the stumps - not that Humayan Farhat is a bad keeper! hope to see you back in action with the gloves and the bat real soon. Raeesa -

Dear Tendu, pats on your back&hats off to you. Yes!you have done it. you have bowled Steve with your Googly &pulled McGrath out off the field. Congrats. Please send me e-mail. Rakhi Ghosh -

This message is mainly meant for selectors, Is it necessary to keep the guys who are failing to produce the required for the team win in the team for long time.It is happening in Indian cricket that if a well settled guy fail for more times to deliver,he is given the permission to be in the team.I think it is not necessary.As a fan of cricket,my opinion is that who ever fail for more time has to be dropped for some matches.And what about the picthes?What about the fast bowlers?When Sachin is in very rampage form in the fourth match,his partner is not able to rotate the strike.Is it good for indian team to keep those type of guys?If the things go in this way,the Indian team will never become a world champion. Yours RAMBABU -

Hi Sachin, First of all millions and billions and sacks and tons of congratulations for scoring 10,000 plus runs in international cricket.I am a great fan of your's and I desperately have a desire to see you ,to meet you and to be close to you and share some moments to you.But being a die hard fan from Nepal I cannot have that opportunity.So please please and millions of please master blaster Sachin what should Ido to meet you or comfort myself coz Ihave a deep driving desire to meet you.So Sachin you should love your fan from Nepal also.So please Sachin I will be always waiting for your reply. Your loving fan, Prakash Paudel -

To Sachin, Another gr8 day in indian cricket ..i wish master Sachin on his achievement which would leave landmarks in world cricket as well as throw challenges to young cricketers around the world to go past him .. The man who had been termed by Sir Don Bradman as "only Cricketer who came close to me" .East or West Sachin is the best .. , Anand Rangana -

To Laxman, Great job!!!!!!!, Good luck...Paji...lakshman..and the Indian Cricket team for the forthcoming one day series. V Anand -

I think sustain efforts and high morale will take you to the peak, where you deserve to be the players of destiny. The term Fixing should be ruled out, no matter how many senior players are invloved in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Rizwan Bashir -

In my opinion Sourav Ganguly is the best Allrounder because he is a good batsman, good bowler and a very good captain. Shruti Kendurkar -

The Best Team in the world is ours, But still the team is trapped in lots of circle due to which it weakens itself.
1.Politics   2.More Media Masalas
If we make Indian Cricket Players free of these facts i hope they will be in their best of toes.

Dear Agarkar, I am very happy for you. I know you are the best player in our team. I just couldn't control my bliss on seeing your SUPERB performance in today's match. I WISH MANY HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS AND WISH YOU THE VERY BEST OF LUCK IN YOUR FUTURE CRICKET LIFE. I am your die-hard fan and will always be. With such brilliant performances,  I bet you gain loads of success in life and that's what I pray for. Please send me your personal e-mail address, so that I can send you some greetings. My brother plays cricket here in Pine and would really like to have some guidance from you. MY WHOLE FAMILY INCLUDING ME APPRECIATE YOU A LOT. I always record your highlights and keep them as a treasured possession. BYE!! - YOUR FAN NEELESHWARI  FROM PUNE - On Ajit Agarkar's performance in the last ODI between India and Zimbabwe on the 14th of December (Agarkar made the Indian record of fastest 50; coming in 21 balls.

Dear mark, I know you are very disappointed by the allegations of match-fixing. But I know you are a talented cricketer and you will never commit such a thing. I will be always there to support you. I HOPE YOU WILL DESTROY THE WINDIES WITH YOUR CLASS BATTING & DO WELL IN THE SERIES......WITH LOVE, BIJOY -

Dear Sourav, You a playing excellent in the ICC, Yuvraj Singh is playing great and so is Zaheer. The Indian fight back is on and I wish you guys all the luck ! -

Hai Sachin, Congrats on your achievement of the highest run maker in one day internationals. All the best for the Sharjah cup. Wishing to see your wonder shots once again in this cup - 


My Dear Sourav, U seem to be playing very well. Your captaincy is simply superb. Keep it up. All my prayers are with u. love, Lacchu-

Its Hansie Cronje’s birthday today (25th September 2000)
What could be given to him as presents….

Yes, its Hansie Cronje's 31st birthday and I have made up a list on what he might get !

Things that could be given to Hansie as birthday presents.....

1. A book to explain to Hansie on how to refrain from accepting money from bookmakers.

2. Also a book on how to fool all of your fans into thinking that you are still whiter than white.

3. Plenty of money, so he can keep it all for himself !

4. A passport so he can flee from South Africa to any country that might accept him !

5. Find a new job and it might be.... …’Coach of the Indian Cricket Team’

Sanjiv Mani Tripathi -

For Saqlain Mushtaq, 
You are my favourite player. I love to watch you ball. The other players I like other than you are first Y.Youhana.Then I like Inzamam, Moin, Wasim, Arshad,S.Akhtar, S.Malik. I am very happy that Wasim Akram is the only bowler to reach 400 wickets in both forms of cricket-test and ODI. And also Waqar became the second bowler to get 300 wickets in both, test and ODI. I wish the PAKISTANI TEAM THE BEST OF LUCK IN THE FUTURE.
Mujtaba Haide

Dear Sachin, U are the very best, world wide! we all know how difficult it must be for u to shoulder the responsibilities of the whole nation. today, every Indian is proud to be one because of u. we are always there to support ur bad times as well, god forbid any.
We are eagerly awaiting ur further exploits, break all possible records in the book!

Message about the : This site is extraordinary. The best in cricket. No other site even comes closer. Hats off to all of u guys...Sujit -

Hello all in the Indian Team: I'm Birumanandan from India . I love your team effort.  Please send me photo's of the best  players regularly and keep your good work going. From your loving fan:Birumanandan....ALLAH HAFIZ Birumanandan - BIRUMA@USA.NET

On Match - Fixing: I just can't believe it . So much match-fixers from our team . How that can be ? I can accept the losing of India but match-fixing by us - just unbelievable . It's a shame on our country as well as on Cricket .
Atishay Jain

Message_about: Cricket: Sometimes it's hard for you to know that your country loses the game it comes sooo close to winning just because of a not so good decision by some umpire in the center, who you think might need glasses. I think umpiring is a difficult job because time can never be rewound and the umpire in the heat, sweat and nerve racking tension has to reply to your the "Question". The umpire possesses the same senses as all of us  so imagine yourself in the middle of the field amidst all the noise, tension, pressure (that is squishing your brain in two), and most of all two years and two eyes to make that decision. How ever much of cricket you know there is room for error, so don't be disappointed or angry at what may happen, it's just that it was meant to. You can't change that can you? INSI

Shaun Pollock: Hi! I am a huge fan of yours. I have always had a dream of meeting you one day. I think you are the most talented and best player in the world. South Africa is very proud of having a captain like like you. I live in New Castle and i have red a lot about you over the internet. I would be most honoured if you respond to my little message. your biggest fan: Saaliha Randeree

Dear Sachin, I know that the you have not done match fixing. whatever you should score  many centuries that it could be beaten by only an Indian batsman and no one else.

South Africa: HEY to the South African cricket team...u guys rock! u guys are like the best. Mark Boucher u r soooooooo multi-talented it's worrying. U guys will allllllways have my support! I just want u guys to know that what if u lost the first test in Sri Lanka....u guys are going to totally WINNNNNN the third one and the good luck, Sue -

For Jonty Rhodes: You are a legend and your fielding is outstanding.  Every time that the ball is near you, you will try to stop it and to me that's dedication. So in that regard, keep up the good work. I'll be cheering for you and indeed the rest of the team at the Super Challenge 2000 on Friday the 18 August. The Protease are going to win! Frances Aiasecca -

For Brett Lee: Hey, How r u goin'? I'm just Great. I'd just like 2 say I think u r a legend and the hottest cricket player - Luv Misty Whalan

For Jaques Henry Kallis: How are you? I am one of your fan. I am from Nepal. Maybe you have many fans but I am one of them. My best team is SA. I like your batting and bowling + your superb fielding. I have voted you as the best all rounder. I am the best cricketer in our school. Our cricket trainer taught me. He says I am the future player for Nepal. My trainer says that I will be a good opener. I am a left handed batsman and right handed bowler. I want to be like you in the future.
Ayush Mani PArajuli
Hey guys this is the greatest site I have ever seen...........well done......!!  
   Radhika -


For Gary Kirsten: Hi GARY ! Being a huge fan of yours, I'd like to say that I adore u tons and admire your batting skills,  loads of best wishes and success always.
Ayesha -

For the Australian Team : Hi this is your 16 years old fan from Pakistan. I want to wish u guys a very best of luck for the future. May u keep up your winning streak and scale the heights in every aspect of life. Play the real hard game and be number ONE always, GO AUSSIES GO. 
Luv Tania from Australia -

Hi ! Dravid : I Am One Of u're Great Fans. I Love Everything about U ,u're Style ,u're Charm, u're Batting, Fielding, u're Nature Everything about U is Totally Fantastic. I Just Wanna Wish U Luck Keep On doing well in the Future, U Have All My Wishes, Luck, Support, Cheers and Best Of Luck Indian Slogans !!!! Love U ,Tanvi (Delhi)

Indian Players: Hi, I hope this is seen by all the players. well, first I would like to introduce myself, I am Varun from India, (Karnataka,Bangalore). I am also a cricketer and I am a medium fast bowler (sometimes I also put spin )and a opening batsman. I am 14 yrs old and hope to become a cricketer. I plead to all the Indian players not to let me down. I breathe cricket and all this match fixing makes my heart bleed. Keep me motivated and don’t let me down.   
Varun Jawahar Devur -

Dear Herschelle (Gibbs): I'm really sorry about what happened with the whole match-fixing saga, but I thought you might like to know that most people are supporting you... especially me, as you were my favourite player and still are. Good luck for getting back into the team - I shall hope to see you again on the next tour of New Zealand. Lots of Love, Lisa 

Well, I don’t really know what I can write but being a cricketer myself it really hurts to see how a bunch of greed stricken men can overshadow the class and the stature of this wonderful game. I read it in the newspaper yesterday about the drop in the Tel. ratings for Asia Cup. Its sad how the trust is broken and how a genuine mistake will never be easily forgiven. I firmly believe that its just a few players who have dirtied this game and one must take a serious step to punish the guilty and let the game take its own course. Right now I only have this much to say.
Ruchika Khanna

Let us just keep our fingers crossed so that none of the players are held guilty. 
Sumant poddar -

Brilliant cricket site with all the latest news and gossip. Shabash!!!!!!

Greeting Mark and Steve (Waugh Brothers) I wish  both of you  good luck. Also love to Lynette, Rosalie and Austin and hope that the kids may also successful in their lives just like their dad and uncle. Divya Narayan -

Hi there! It's Tania from Pakistan. I am a 15 years old fan of the Australian cricket team . I was wondering if you can provide me with the e-mail address of the Aussie team and the postal addresses. If it's not convenient then with the e-mail address of ACB Australian Cricket Board.  By the way site is really cool. Keep it up !!

Wow !! this site has some great articles - Juhi, Bangalore

Kya yaar......kya mast mast site hai - Bobby, Pune

Finally a complete site on cricket - Junedh, UAE 

We shall spare no one......go to their graves........... all we want is JUSTICE - Nisha, Mumbai


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