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A life ban for the players

The CBI report has opened up more truth, which could be digested from the cricket lovers all over the world. A lot of Indian heads hung in shame as five of their players were charged with accepting money to fix matches. Those five tainted players are former Indian captains Azharuddin, Jadeja, Manoj Prabhakar, and Ajay Sharma, Nayan Mongia and physiotherapist Ali Irani who acted as their mediator when it came to transferring of money.  Though investigations are still on but it is quite clear that the charges would be proved. Azhar has already admitted to being involved and with the others it is just a matter of time. Though there is a very minute possibility that they can be taken to the court. So, it remains to be seen what the BCCI would do to these traitors who have tarnished the image of this great game. The board President Mr. A. C. Muthiah has said that players would be banned and the sports minister Mr. Dhindsa has echoed the same sentiment. Well we have the story in front and lets see a life ban would be an ideal punishment for them or not.

They should be banned

It is a great shame that due to a few greed stricken individuals the image of this game has been badly shattered. Inspite of being the highest paid cricketers in the world they could fall so low down that they betrayed their country and its people. Fixing a match means taking money to under perform in a match and that is a heinous crime. Indian people are fanatic about this game, so much so, that they worship their heroes. A lot of them leave their work, home, food, and drinks to watch a match. There are many who save all their prayers for the team. Imagine the kind of impact all of this would have on all of them. How hurt they must be to see their heroes turn villains. It would be unfair to them if these players were let off. No matter how high one is in stature, he cannot be above the law. Hansie Cronje was loved like crazy in South Africa and still is but he got what he deserved. In the same way no matter how big Azhar or Jadeja are, the fact of the matter is that they have cheated their countrymen. They have done so much damage to this game that it would take a long time to resurrect it. They should not be allowed to play any form of cricket so not only would they get what they have asked for but also it would be a lesson for other players as well. No one should ever dare to commit something so low again. If they are ever allowed to play then imagine what impact that would have. No punishment can be enough for deceit. But a life ban is a must

Donít ban the players

Even though the players are accused and what they have done is wrong but one must not forget their contribution to cricket. They have been great players of their time and just because they fell to greed and threw away matches doesnít mean that all of us should forget what they have done for this game. Azharuddin has been one of the most charismatic players of all times and his game has always been recognized as one of the best in the World. Jadeja has played some great knocks for India. Who can forget the badgering he gave to Waqar Younis in the 96-quarter finals, which was highly instrumental in getting India to the semi-finals of that World Cup. Prabhakar has been a great all rounder of this team and Mongiaís skill behind the wickets has still remained unmatched in India. True, what they have done is heinous and very low and no doubt, that they should be severely reprimanded for that. But to say, that this is the only punishment that is justified and that this is the only way to teach them a lesson is a bit harsh. A few mistakes, no matter how big they are cannot change the goodness that they have given to this game. And as far as the fact that the present generation needs to be taught a lesson is concerned then one cannot guarantee if a life ban would change anything. The ICC needs to take some bigger steps and they should not be at these players stake.




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