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 The Morality of asking for Tailor-Made Pitches 

Of late, there has been quite a lot of talk on the so called “orders” for making tailor made pitches for the forthcoming series of India vs Australia. Steve Waugh has already fired the first salvo by saying that Indians are making pitches that would suit them. Let’s see that if such a thing goes against the grain of sportsmanship and morality in general.

It’s immoral

To make pitches that would suit your style of play means only one thing; you don’t want to fight the enemy on a level playing field. Rather you want an unfair advantage in things that are not the part of your ability. In terms of cricket it can be safely said that ‘it is simply not cricket’. If you can alter the condition of the pitches, you might as well do other things that favour you. How about changing the rules of the game to favour the home team. Perhaps, in no other game, the pitch or the playing condition can severely alter the outcome of the match but in cricket it is very much possible. But, if every other team starts doing the same thing then what about ‘Sportsmanship’? If Indians think that by doing such a thing they can win matches then they should be ready to face defeat outside India as the same ‘home-advantage’ and ‘tailor-made pitches’ would be the strength of the opposite team thereby making our players ineffective in “phoren” conditions. And mind you because of this very fact we have players who are good but only on home pitches. Another fact which needs to be highlighted is that as per the records of the last two decades, whenever we have been beaten, we were done-in by spin (which is supposed to be our strength) and not with pace. And the same thing can happen against Australia, (remember they have a vicious turner in Shane Warne who is capable of turning a strong batting line up into mere ashes) as we our providing them with a golden platter for easy winning and if it actually happens then our poor administrators would be left with no excuse.

It’s Perfectly Moral

Now cricket wouldn’t be the same if all the countries were to have the same playing conditions and same type of crowds and surroundings. Cricket is one game that offers the spectators the spectacle of watching the game in different hues and shades in different countries. With the change in playing conditions, the underdog becomes the favorite and the favorite turns into challenger. No two countries have the same playing conditions, and even if they had, then also the ball would behave differently under different weather conditions and that is certainly one charm, which no one would like to change. Since every other country takes advantage of its own conditions, it’s perfectly moral for India to do the same. Look at what the Aussies have done to the visiting teams in the last one and half year. No denying the fact that they played well but at the same time they definitely exploited their home-conditions and fast-pitches. When we can afford to lose 0-3 against them in alien conditions we can also afford to make pitches so that we at least win in our own backyard. This is where the greatness of our visiting team will be measured. If the Australians win on our tailor-made pitches, they really deserve the title of world champions. If not, they should stop proclaiming themselves as the best Australian team ever because the greatness of a player is judged by his performance under all kinds of circumstances. For example in Tennis, many pundits still do not agree that Pete Sampras is the greatest player ever. They say – Until he wins the French Open ‘slow surface’ trophy, he wouldn’t be considered the greatest. And no, they do not want to change the slow surface of the French Open because that is what keeps the game alive. So, India too has all the rights to ask for tailor-made pitches. What do you have to say?



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