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Will Aussies extra-ordinary winning streak be broken in India?  
By Vimal Kumar

By winning the third Test in Adelaide, the amazing Aussies have once again, retained the Frank Worrel Trophy. Now, the remaining two Tests against West Indies are of little interest and all eyes are set on the tour of India. In this article, we will be debating, whether Aussies phenomenal winning steak will be continued in India, as well.

YES, IT WILL: “Nothing succeeds like success” – Dumas Ange Pitou

Well, Aussies must be believing the veracity of the above quote. Undoubtedly, they are the best team in contemporary cricket and they have been winning, almost everything under the sun. By thrashing West Indies in home in a very ruthless manner, they are all prepared to take on India.

The lethal bowling attack of the kangaroos is capable of destroying any batting line-up in the world. The pace trio of McGrath, lee and Gillespie have the capacity to lift the pace and bounce, even on the flatter tracks of India.

Then, there is Warne, McGill and Collin Miller’s spin trio. In fact, the above spin trio would be perhaps, the best opposition spin attack on Indian wicket in recent times. The wily Warne along with the ever improving Stuart McGill and the utility man Collin Miller will pose great threat to Indian batting.

The strong batting line-up consisting of Slater, Langer, the Waugh brothers, Ponting and Adam Gilchrist is good enough to post huge scores on Indian grounds.

In fielding department, they will unquestionably out-smart Indians. The myth of Indian invincibility in home has already been broken by South Africa’s triumph over India in early this year. Although, India technically didn’t lose the series against Pakistan in 1999 but the fact remained that, they lost 2 Test matches out of three played in that series. Of course, the Test match at Eden garden was counted as the part of Asian Championship. And the way, the opponents like Bangladesh and Zimbabwe have piled up 400 plus runs in sub-continent, it does augur well for Australia.

And last but not the least, the confidence level and hunger for more victories among the aussies is incredibly high. So, the Aussies are all set to conquer…!

NO IT WON’T: “Every good thing in the World has to come to an end”

Indians must be banking on that. The beauty of the Test cricket is that the 22-yard remains the greatest leveler of all. The glorious uncertainties and law of averages are part and parcel of the game.Notwithstanding the Aussies' staggering winning sequence, Indians are powerful enough to turn the table. It won’t be something miraculous. In other words, it is as simple as that. To counter Aussies menacing bowling attack, India possess a galaxy of top class batting line-up. The big three of Sachin-Sourav-Dravid can demolish any attack and the likes of Ramesh, Shivsundar Das and V.V.S.Laxman are strong enough to face the Aussies thunderbolts on Indian Pitches.

The bowling attack comprising of the veteran Srinath, the rejuvenated Agarkar and the fiery Zaheer Khan will test the Aussies top order. And the irrepressible Anil Kumble may be the decisive factor.

If the Joshis and Sarandeeps can improve a bit further, it will be ominous for the Aussies.

The outstanding run of Aussies is more of hype than on substance. As far as abroad wins  are concerned, they have defeated only Zimbabwe and New Zealand, not really a tough opposition. Prior to that, they failed to defeat West Indies in Caribbean’s, where Lara single handedly drew the series with 2-2.

In spite of India’s recent test defeats in Home, they are still a formidable unit to stop the Aussies rampage.


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