Paki well played!

The all rounder Pakistanis
D. Shukla

Pakistan has well graduated to become a team with all-round skills. Be it batting, bowling or on the field, Pakistan does excel. The golden days of Imran Khan have now proven that they were not something ephemeral. The superb leadership of captain Wasim Akram has shown results.

Pakistan's thrilling 28 run victory over South Africa at the Kallang Ground was yet again proof of its excellence in the sport. One of the pointers that distinguish Pakistan from our very own Indian cricket team is, its ability to not having to depend on any one of its players alone. That demonstrates the concept of a team well enough. Unlike India, whose be-all and end-all might be Sachin or Saurav, Pakistan is well balanced in all its quarters.

If a star batsman be missing, the bowlers need to pull up their socks; and vice-versa too. In yesterday's match, the jewel in the crown of the Pakistani team, Shahid Afridi could not bowl due to a cut on his left palm. No problems! The team still tasted sweet victory! Again, it is also to be noticed that the morale of the team remains quite unaffected by any such casualties. Captain Wasim could, however take credit for that one.

The whole team needs to have a very clear understanding of the game to be able to handle situations like this. Secondly, the confidence levels too need to be of utmost importance. The players should at all costs believe in their own game, instead of pinning hopes on the star player. Each player should be a star in his own right and not mind you, a side kick to the supposedly 'best' of the pack. Yes, a game plan is very important. But the plan needs to be flexible enough to incorporate any changes or measures required if the original plan goes awry.

Teamwork is more than just struggling to win a game together. We Indians should learn from the Pakis. All rounder in every way, the Pakistani team has its morale high and the determination to keep its flag flying high.


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