Age: 20 years

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His first step towards cricket

Shahid Afridi started playing cricket from the age of 11-12. In his words, "I loved the game immediately but started playing the game seriously only in 1993-94. I started playing domestic cricket from Karachi Cricket Club. My brother also played cricket. That is how I really got interested. He started playing after watching Imran Khan; so did I. I started playing cricket for Pakistan in 1996".This unknown 16 year old became a household name after his very first match. Shahid Afridi announced his arrival in international cricket with a sensational 37-ball century versus Sri Lanka at Nairobi on October 4th 1996.  It was an innings watched by a fortunate few. Putting the redoubtable Sanath Jayasuriya in the shade was no mean achievement. Afridi is a tiger in one day cricket, an awesome hitter on his day. He began as a new ball bowler, switched to leg spin and then found a place in the Pakistan team as an attacking batsman. Not to forget his wonderful fielding. If he can tamper himself to the demand of Test cricket, which he seems to have begun, by capturing 5 wickets in his debut match and then scoring a century (141 in the 2nd innings of the 1st Test against India in Chennai) in his second Test, Afridi shall become one of the superstars of the new millennium.
As a Person

Afridi is a very friendly and jovial person but is very shy around girls. He recently got married to his cousin and has clearly stated that now his attention would be divided amongst his wife and his fans.  Shahid is very respectful towards his elders and his parents are the most important people in the world for him. He has a lot of friends in the Pakistani team whom he loves and trusts. He is deeply religious and leaves everything beyond his control to Allah. He likes listening to music and  is a God fearing person.


He came to the forefront after hitting a 37 ball century, a record that is yet to be surpassed. His good looks along with his good cricketing skills made him very popular not only among the girls but also among the corporate sector, as one can see him promoting various products on TV.

Ambition in life
Afridi's ambition is to play cricket; enjoy it and earn respect. In his words, "I don't think too much. I am only interested in playing cricket and enjoying it. I do set myself certain targets at the start of the series, look at my performance after every tour and set new targets for the next series".
Afridi's Idol

Though, his idol like many other Pakistani cricketers is Imran khan, he has been equally inspired by Javed Miadad. As per him, "I want to be as good as Javed Miandad. He could do anything. To beat him, I must work hard, be more consistent. I have been practicing a lot. Inshallah, I'll be given a chance soon".

Life off the field

Afridi is a very flamboyant personality in the Pakistan cricket team. Along with Shoaib Akhtar, he enjoys a very notorious reputation. He has been linked with various Indian actresses and was also named in a recent 'sex scandal'.

Favorites of Shahid
Nick Name :      Shah
First love
My parents
Music :             
Light music and folk songs
Backstreet boys, Spice Girls, Ricky Martin
Quit playing games with my heart
Hindi Song :     
'Hum Tumhe Chahate Hai Aise' (Qurbani) and 'So Gaya Yeh Jahan' (Tezaab)
Movie :             
Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge 
Actor :              
Sharukh Khan
Actresses :        
Sonali Bendre & Twinkle Khanna
Cricket Heroes :
Imran Khan, Javed Miadad, Wasim Akram
Colors :             
Blue, White and Red
Drink :               
Orange Juice
Food :              
  Chicken Biryani & Kheer & Ice-cream
Fruit :                
Dress :              
Jeans & T-shirt

Cool facts on Afridi

Afridi owns a car showroom in Karachi and drives a Toyota Corola 98' model.  He stands 5ft 11inches tall. He has a huge family with 9 brothers and sisters. Afridi is one of a kind. There is no point telling him to watch the length of the ball. The line of attack never bothers him because he hits the ball so hard. Even the best of fielders with strong palms would think twice before laying their hands on the ball. Unconventional characters like Afridi bring immense joy to the game which has always laid emphasis on tradition and technique. There are many who do not give much credence to the freedom that Afridi brings to the art of batting but there many more waiting to watch Afridi take on the bowlers.

Best Compliment
Cricket is not cricket without Shahid Afridií, compliment given by - Michael Holding.

Funniest Moment

In his words,"During one of Pakistanís tours abroad, I was told by the manager to catch the next flight home because they were replacing me with Mushtaq Ahmed.I was stunned, but got up the next day, checked out of the hotel and went to the airport with the manager. He was kind enough to tell me then, that it was All Fools Day".

Worst Habit
He has a very bad habit of forgetting things.

He holds the record for the fastest 100 in One Day Internationals.
He has won 4 Man of the Match awards.

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