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A Cricket crazy fan deserves nothing but the very best.

And, we at “” have just that to offer – all laid out on a golden platter that’s choc-a-bloc with the most exhaustive database of information ranging from cricket statistics of the 1800’s to well……who’s the new babe in Ajay Jadeja’s life.

Howzzat for a cool merger between cricket at both professional and personal levels ? ! Consider this – messages from cricketers themselves, world records, schedules, history, interviews, rankings, statistics, columns, comparative charts coupled with jokes, quizzes, chat, cartoons, autographs……..the list just goes on ! Contests, online polls, messages and articles from the user contribute in making this vertical portal extremely interactive – which by far is the USP of this website.

Brought to you by “Infinity” – a stalwart in the cricket world, exciting innovations like cric-couples, dupliket, cricketing tips, inspiration from Hollywood, chilli ‘n’ pepper, a unique never – before picture gallery – all make the right click for the serious cricket buff as well as the cricket crazy fan, both alike. 

For the seasoned supporter of the game, there is a lot to gather from We at would love to have you as a 
member and welcome your  suggestions for the constant improvement of this devoted cricket website.  


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