| Home | Top Team Top Batsman | Top Bowler | Top All Rounder | presents its well conceptualized and calculative ‘Ranking System’ for One Day International and Test segment separately. Recent performance of the player's and the matches played by them are taken into consideration for Ranking purposes.

To rate a team, our ‘Ranking System’ takes into account the number of International wins made by the team and the grounds where the matches were played i.e. home ground, foreign ground or a neutral ground.  Besides this a few other technical points are also taken into account to provide the best standard of accuracy.

To rate the best batsman, the ‘Ranking System’ takes into account the player averages with bonus points on 100’s and 50’s scored by them. Also, negative points are given for the number of ducks they score. The conditions and the opposition is also considered.  

To rate the best bowler, the bowling averages are taken into account with bonus points on the number of wickets taken by them.

On top of these, 'All Rounder Ranking' are also calculated

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