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If you want to check a mans character, Give him power 

Hello everyone, I am Shravan here. I would want to share with you all, my only encounter with the Match-Fixing ring leader, Manoj Prabhakar. I met this gentleman (aahh....really a gentleman ?) at Taj Palace, Delhi at a party. It was some launch of a dot com. He was also one of the chief guests with Kiran Bedi and Jassi. (The Dil Laygayee Kudi Gujrat kee guy). Mr. Prabhakar could not make it to the launch on time, as he has recently become a very important man (Thanks to the Match fixing Saga). Anyway, after Mrs. Bedi made a dynamic speech and the young Punjabi singer, honoured the crowds demands, the Kingpin - Hero of the Match Fixing Saga, made an entry. To my shock, he looked very silly. I think we were all in a formal function and this gentleman (let me correct myself again....) wearing a yellow trouser and a green shirt with the top three button wide open, walked in with a big EGO hanging on his face. I doubt if anyone was interested to talk to him but I still took a chance. I introduced myself and was about to shake hands with him but Mr. Fixer was too proud to do that with a fan or say something to a fan, who was expecting some decency from an ex-celebrity (Thanks to Hansie Cronje..again). I would not want to waste my time boring you all with my encounter but yes, one thing I would want to share with you all is that this man was just too much. He showed no respect to the crowd. I was completely disgusted having met someone like him. To me he was no better than some hooligan selling tickets on black. 

Shravan Puri, India

Kapil Paji, simply the best!!

Hi, this is Angad Kapoor and I have a very interesting experience to share with you. I am a cricket player and I practice at the National Stadium very often. I have been a crazy fan of Kapil Dev since my childhood. The picture of him holding the World Cup was a strong childhood memory and one of the biggest reasons for me joining cricket. But I never thought that I will not only meet him some day but also spend some quality time with him learning the various tricks of being a good player. I was just doing my normal routine  practice when I saw a sky blue BMW roll past the ground and stop at the parking. What I did not know was who it belonged to. A tall, sturdy and familiar looking man got out of the car and well it was the great Mr. Dev. I just stood firm there gaping at him until  one of my friends pushed me from behind. And I was in for a bigger surprise when he came to our group who was practicing together. He shook hands with each one of us and asked us various things about our team. He also spoke about his one two famous experiences and told us that the best way to succeed in life is by hard work and commitment. He had come to meet our coach so he left soon. But not before impressing all of us by his humbleness and simplicity. This happened before the match fixing controversy took place. 

Whatever people might say but for me he is certainly the best that there is. The CBI has cleared his name and that is a big relief for fans like us. I hope everyone will leave him alone now. He was, is and will always remain my idol.  

Angad kapoor, India.

Hello Geoff !!!

I have never enjoyed having a haircut. In fact, if I had my own way I would be in the Guinness Book of Records for the male with the longest hair in the world. However like many things in life, it's amazing how a certain incident can change ones attitude towards an activity. On fine Friday evening after returning home from school, I faced the daunting task of having a haircut. So I went to my regular barber, who was a Dinkum-Di Aussie (loved his beer cold, loved a meat pie and loved his sport especially cricket). So there
I waited until my turn came. As we were chatting, a familiar face came and sat in the chair next to me amongst a huge deal of fanfare. I looked to my left, and there I found myself sitting next to Geoff Marsh (then vice captain of the Australian Cricket team).
I introduced myself to him and we talked for ages about the world of cricket. Ever since that day I faithfully return to the same barber at least every 2 months in the hope of meeting some-one else rich and famous. And by the way, did I mention I thoroughly love having haircuts. 



As I was walking towards the Town hall station, I nearly died when I saw the Indian cricket team at Hungry Jacks…....the whole bunch all closely clustered around each other and very noticeable in their similar attire, black pants and blue shirt. Being a die-hard cricket fan, I mustered all my energy to go and introduce myself as a loyal fan of the Indian cricket team. As I walked in I was on the 7th heaven but wanted something more, I wanted to capture this momentous occasion on camera. Since, I didn’t have one, I went back to get one. Ran as fast as I could and got a disposal camera from a pharmacy store. I rushed back to the fast food joint, checked my appearance in the entrance mirror but in these 3-4 minutes, they were gone!!!! I’ve never been more disappointed in my life and this memory will scoff at me forever.....

Rohini Dutt
Sydney, Australia    

Have you met any players? If Yes, then share your stories with us and  
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