This action can be used against the slower bowler when the flight of the ball is high enough to give sufficient time to go out of the crease and get to the pitch of the ball. It should not be attempted against the ball pitching wide of the stumps, but only to he ball coming down in a line towards the stumps.

Advancing up the wicket
1.First move. The bat is raised to the higher position, ready for an attacking shot. The first stride is made up the wicket. The trunk is sideways on. Watch for the ball as it leaves the bowler’s hand. The batsman will notice the movement to the hand when imparting spin. If he fails to do this he might miss the ’googly’.
2.Second stage. The weight is on the left leg. The right foot comes up behind the left foot. Advancing up the wicket
Advancing up the wicket 3.Third stage. The left foot goes forward. The bat starts swinging at the  ball. The trunk is still sideways on. The wrists are fully cocked, accelerating the swing of the bat. The eye watches the ball about to pitch.

4.The finish of the shot. This being a full attacking shot, a full swing of the bat and high follow through should be the aim

Advancing up the wicket
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