The shot is played to the inswinging ball pitching short of a length and swinging in towards the batsman
1. Adopt the open stance when facing the inswinger, left foot pointing in the direction of extra cover.
2. The open stance. The left foot points to extra cover, while the hips and shoulders open up.
playinsbackfoot3.gif (4232 bytes) 3. The right foot has gone back towards the middle and off stump and the left is taken back as the hands begin to swing the bat down from outside the off stump. The pick up of the bat at the stance position will have gone over the off stump. The hands go out as the trunk begins to turn at the commencement of the down swing of the bat.





4. Back view, same stage. The wrists are cocked as the bat begins the down swing. The right arm is behind the right side in the bent position. The right leg is braced. playinsbackfoot4.gif (2933 bytes)
playinsbackfoot5.gif (3385 bytes) 5. The ball pitches. The eyes watch the ball over the left arm. The weight is well over the braced right leg. The hands bring the bat down, the left hand leading. The left elbow is still fully bent. The face of the bat about to come square on to the ball. The bat held high with bent arms at this stage, in readiness to play the ball bouncing up off the pitch.


6. The ball is played. The weight of the body on the right leg. Up off the heel of the left foot. The bat held high with left elbow bent. The left hand in front of the right angles the bat to keep the ball down. The face of the bat has turned towards the on side to meet the ball just in front of the right leg. The right hand is relaxed. The trunk and shoulders run. The eyes watch the ball for as far as possible, looking past the hands playinsbackfoot6.gif (3541 bytes)
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