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       The shot is played to the ball pitching short of a length in the line of the stumps and swing away towards the off side.
bakfootdef1.gif (2278 bytes) 1. The first move must be made with the object of getting the face of the bat behind the line of the stumps. The right foot goes back towards the off stump. The shoulders sideways on. The weight is on the back leg. The bat goes up to the higher pick up position, travelling up to a line over middle and leg stumps. The eye line goes past the left shoulder, following the on coming ball.
2. Same as No. 1 from the back view. The head is steady. Th4 eyes is past left shoulder. Both arms are bent. The right arm slides past the right side. Both wrists are cocked. The bat goes over a line of the middle and leg stumps. Right leg is braced. bakfootdef2.gif (3243 bytes)
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3. The ball is about to be played. The left foot has travelled back to the right foot simultaneously with the commencement of the down swing of the bat. The left foot points towards extra cover position, opening the stance. The hips open slightly, but the left shoulder stays sideways on. The right arm well in to the right side, both wrists uncocking. The left elbow is bent. Balance of the body on the right leg. Eyes watch the ball coming up off the pitch past the left elbow.




4.The ball is played. Hips and shoulders open as the hands take the bat out to meet the ball with the face of the bat, which is square on to the out swing line of the ball. The right arm hugs the right side. The lips have opened more than the shoulders, the forward thrust of the right arm close to the body opens the shoulders, but the left hand leading the bat to keep it angled down stops the shoulders from opening as much as the hips. The balance of the body is retained on the braced right leg. Eyes follow the ball as far as possible off the pitch towards the bat. bakfootdef4.gif (3912 bytes)
bakfootdef5.gif (3813 bytes)  

5. Finish of the shot. The ball goes off the face of the bat towards the off side. The bat goes out as the ball is pushed away. Eyes follow the ball off the bat.

6. Do not go back with the back foot towards middle and leg stumps. A gap is left between bat an pads, the bat going well away from the body in an effort to reach the ball. The bat face has not been brought down behind the line of the ball and the ball hits the outside edge of the bat. bakfootdef6.gif (3669 bytes)
bakfootdef7.gif (3330 bytes) 7. Wrong the bat has been brought down from the line well outside the off stump. The left hand and arm cannot lead the bat towards the ball outside the off stump. The right elbow comes away from the body. The right hand takes control. The ball hits the outside edge of the bat.
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