Played to the ball pitching short of the half volley in line with the stumps and turning towards the off side.


1.The ball has pitched on the leg stump, the right foot goes back square and points towards
the off side and the middle and off stumps. The weight of the body is one the right leg, which
is braced. Up on the toes of the left foot. The wrists are fully cocked. The eyes watch the ball
turning off the pitch.


2.The bat commences the down swing simultaneously with the left leg coming back towards the right leg. The left foot points towards cover point an thehips being to open up. legspin2

3.The ball is about to be played at a point opposite the left leg. The hips open up. The right arm hugs the right side with the right hand behind the bat, and the left hand takes the bat out towards the ball on the off side.




4.The ball is played. Up on the toes of the left foot to bring the left shoulder high and left arm and elbow well up. The left hand in front of the right at the moment of playing the ball, angling the bat to keep the ball down. The right arm comes past the right side. The relaxed right hand is behind the handle of the bat. The weight of the body is one the braced right leg. The eye line is over the hands as the eyes watch the ball turn off the pitch and on to the bat.



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