Hitting on the up
The shot is played to the ball pitching short of the half volley, usually to the medium pace or 
quicker bowler when the ball is coming quickly off the pitch towards the batsman and arriving 
about shin high.
Hitting on the up


1. The bat has gone up to the high pick up and the left leg and bat are moving out together. The wrists 
are fully cocked. The left shoulder points towards the oncoming ball. The eyes watch the ball, which is 
about to pitch.
2. The left shoulder is still towards the ball, the bat coming down with the wrists still cocked. The right arm close to the side. The both elbows bent. The right leg is turning in and towards the line of the ball Hitting on the up
Hitting on the up 3. The ball is about to be struck. The trunk is turning form the hips and opening up. 
The right arm still close to the right side. The firm left hand leads the swing of the bat,
the eyes watching the ball bounce off the pitch.

4. Just before the actual hit. The hips have opened up to allow the right hand behind the handle of the bat to put the power into the shot. Both arms still slightly bent. The hands are accelerating the swing of the bat.

Hitting on the up
Hitting on the up 5. The finish of the shot. The ball is going off the blade of the bat. The right hand has put the hit into the stroke. The right knee turns in with the turning of the hips, as the right hand begins to follow through. In the follow through, which is short, the bat is kept in the upright position.
6.The follow through. Immediately after the hi, the left elbow bends and both hands go higher. The ball is played away and down.The eyes watch the ball go off the blade of the bat in the direction of the shot.  Hitting on the up
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