Ducking The Bouncer  If the hook short cannot be mastered, take evasive action and duck, but never take the eyes off the ball.
Hitting the six
The ball is hit behind the half volley and just as it is bouncing off the pitch. There must be a high pick up and complete follow through..
1. The bat goes o the high pick up. The left shoulder points to the line of the oncoming ball. Hitting the six
Hitting the six 2. The bat face is still towards the off side. The wrists still fully cocked as the bat starts the down swing towards the ball. The left shoulder is still towards the ball. The right arm slides past the right side, right knee slightly bent.
3 .The bit is about to be made. The right hand, well in front of the left, ensures a lofted hit. Both arms are swinging the bat. The weight is rocking back onto the right leg. The eyes watch the ball as far as possible on to the bat. Hitting the six
Hitting the six 4. The complete follow through. The bat has gone a ninety-degree arc from the initial pick up. It is swung with both arms. The hit with the right hand takes the bat through. The shoulder dips when the weight rocks back onto the right leg.
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