The Grip

                  A good grip of the bat is essential. The hands control the swing of the bat   and deliver the final hit.
The Grip
  1. Take the bat in the right hand with the hand behind the
    handle the bat making sure the face of the bat is square on.
  2.  Back view, right hand grip. The hand behind the handle of the The Grip
bat, thumb and fingers giving a firm grip.
The Grip 3.  The left hand placed on the handle of the bat, palm of the hand against the handle,  thumb and fingers gripping. The back of the hand towards the mid-off position. The face of the right towards the bowler.
4. The two hands together show about an inch of the top of the handle The Grip
      above the left hand and the right hand close up to the left hand.
The little finger of the bottom hand close up to the top hand.

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