The Hook
Play the hook shot against the fast bowlers when the ball is pitched very short an coming down in a line towards the middle or leg stump, arriving at chest height or above.
The Hook 1.The bat goes high with the wrist dropping back and the right foot well across to take the head and upper part of the body away from the line of the oncoming ball.
2.The stroke has commenced. The left foot comes off the ground, helping the pivot of the shoulders sideways on. The right elbow close to the side. The right wrist fully cocked. The Hook
The Hook 3.The left heel comes down. The left leg is braced the bat has commenced its cross bat swing at the ball. The balance is still on the right leg keeping the trunk out of the line of the fire. The hands and arms accelerate the swing of the bat.
4.The hit is about to be made. The left arm is high. The right wrist is cocked. The right elbow bent. The right hand is about to turn the face of the bat over to meet the ball. The Hook
The Hook 5.The hit is made. The hands are high. The head and shoulders are still out of the line of fire. The right hand puts the power in the shot. The left arm still bent and high. The eyes follow the ball onto the bat.
6. The finish of the shot. The bat has followed through after the hit has been made and the body turns with the follow through of the bat. The left elbow is bent and coming in towards the left side. The head has not yet moved. The Hook
The Hook 7. The complete finish. The bat follows through in a complete arc around the left side. The right elbow has come up as the right hand turned over when it put the power into the shot. The body balance rocks back with the batís follow through. The head is steady, the eyes watching the result of the shot.
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