The Pull
Played to the short of a length ball pitching in line round the off stump.
The Pull 1. The first move. The right foot goes back well outside the off stump. The bat is taken to the high pick-up position. The left shoulder faces towards the oncoming ball. The right foot points in the direction of extra cover. The balance of the body is on the right leg.
2. Front view. The eyes watch the ball over the left shoulder. The left arm is bent. The Pull
The Pull 3. The hands are accelerating the swing of the bat at the ball. The wrists are still cocked, right arm into the right side; left shoulder still pointing towards the ball, head steady.
4.Close up of the wrist at state 3. They are fully cocked. The face of the bat is towards the off side. The Pull
The Pull 5. The hit is about to be made. The arms go away from he body. The right wrist is still 
cocked. The shoulders come square on with the swing of the bat. The right foot points 
up the wicket with the shoulder movement. The eyes watch the ball over the hands.
6. The hit is made, the right wrist turning the face of the bat over to hit the ball down. The right hand hits the ball. The left arm maintains the swing of the bat. The eyes watch the ball on to the bat. The trunk is square on. The Pull
The Pull 7. Finishing the shot. The right hand having fetched the ball from the off side towards 
the on side continues swinging on around the body. There is a full pivot as the eyes 
watch the result of the shot.
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