Played to the ball pitching on or just outside the off stump, hitting the ball towards the on side.  
Not to be played against the ball moving away, i.e. leg spin or away swing.
1.The front foot goes out behind the line of the ball, just outside the off stump. The body balance
 goes forward towards the line of the ball. The hands start the swing of the bat towards the ball, 
going out and away from the body. The weight is over the left leg. The eyes watch the ball about to pitch.
2. Back view, same position. The right wrist is fully cocked. The hands can be seen away from the body. The left shoulder is still towards the line of the ball.


3.The hand continues to swing the hat out from the body as they accelerate the swing of the bat towards the ball. The right arm is still bent. The left arm is unhinging.


4. The accelerating the bat continues its swing. The right hand, behind the handle, begins  to uncock, ready to hit the ball.
5.The hit is about o be made. The left hand swings the bat across and out to meet the ball. The right hand puts the hit into the shot. With the right hand now playing the major part, the balance of the body begins to rock back. The left arm straightens, the right hand going past the left as the bat blade meets the ball.


6. The complete follow through. The body weight has rocked back. The bat completes its swing in its line from outside the off stump out to the ball and across the front leg. The trunk turns with the swing of the bat from the off side. The eyes watch the ball on its way. The front foot has not moved since going forward towards the ball. 

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