The Dab
Played to the short of a length ball pitching outside the off stump, which is not wide enough
 to permit a full swing of the bat. It should not be played to the deliver coming in towards 
the stumps, i.e. an off spinner or inswinger.

The Dab
1. The right foot goes back, on or outside the off stump, depending on the width of the ball. 
The weight of the body is over the bent right leg. The left arm is unhinging. The right arm is
bent. The right wrist is cocked.
2.The eyes follow the ball on to the bat. The Dab
The Dab 3.Finish of the shot. The ball is patted down. The wrists uncock. Both arm unhinge. The right wrist does not roll over. The bat face is square on to the ball, pushing it away.

The Hit To Leg

An attacking shot played to the ball pitched up form the off stump line towards the leg side, specially 
good against the off spinner or inswinger and hit on the turn or swing. It can be used against the 
straight delivery but is not advisable against the leg spinner or away swinger.
The Hit To Leg 1.The left foot goes up the wicket in line with, or just outside, the off stump, depending on the line of the oncoming ball. The left foot points squarish towards cover point because the eventual hit will be against the left side.
2. First take the bat to the high pick up. The Hit To Leg
The Hit To Leg 3. The bat comes down in line from outside the off stump. The left side is towards the line of the ball. The wrists are fully cocked. Both arms are bent.
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