The stroke is played to the short of a length ball when it is going pas the 
batsmanís right leg in the direction of the direction of third man. It should 
never be played to the inswinger or the off spinner.

1. The right foot has gone back and outside the off stump. Up on the toes
 of the foot, giving a full pivot with the left shoulder pointing up the wicket.
The eyes watch the ball bouncing of the pitch.
2. Back view, same position. The wrists are cocked. The right wrist is flexible. The right hand is above the left. The right elbow has gone back round the right side enabling the hands to bring the bat back over the shoulder. The balance of the bodyís on the right leg.
3. The hit is about to be made. The weight of the body is over the right leg. The shoulders have maintained the starting position. The hands are bringing the bat down ready to whip the ball away. Both arms remain bent. The head turns with the flight of the ball, the eyes watching it on to the bat.
4. The same as stage. The right hand is turning the face of the bat over in a shipping action and the left arm continues to swing the bat. The left hand grip is firm (but not tense.).
5. Full figure, same stage. The head turns watching the ball on to the bat. The right elbow comes away from the right side with the action of the bottom hand.
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