The Lofted On Drive
Played to the ball pitching on the half volley length, on or just outside the leg stump.

The Lofted On Drive
1.The front foot goes forward simultaneously with the commencement of the down 
swing of the bat.
2. The eyes watch the ball, as it is about to pitch. The weight is over the front leg. The initial height is almost maintained. The arms go away from the body. The left foot is alongside the lien and short of the pitch of the ball. The Lofted On Drive
The Lofted On Drive 3. The ball is about to be hit as it bounces up form the half volley. The weight of the body is swaying back, because the right arm is extending as the right hand goes past the left to put the power into the shot. The right side has turned from the hips when the bat goes past the left foot to meet the ball. The hands speed the swing of the bat.
4. Close-up of the hands and bat position when the ball is being hit. The right hand firm behind the handle of the bat puts the power into the shot. The bat is angled back to hit the ball upwards. The left arm freely swings on with a firm left hand grip. The body weight goes back on to the right leg. The trunk leans backwards as the right hand goes out with an extended right arm to hit the ball. The Lofted On Drive
The Lofted On Drive 5. The finish of the shot. The right arm is extended. The bat blade faces upwards. The head and right shoulder dip. The trunk leans backwards from the hips.
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