The Square Cut
Played to the ball pitching short, well outside the off stump.

The Square Cut

1. The right foot, back and across the batting crease, points square to the off 
side. Go up on the toes on the left foot, helping the body pivot, with the left 
shoulder pointing up the wicket and balance the body on he right leg. The 
bat goes back ready to swing down on to the ball. The eyes watch the on 
coming ball past the left shoulder.
2.Back view. Both wrists are cocked. The right hand is flexible. The right elbow is down. The right hand above the left stays there throughout the shot. The Square Cut
The Square Cut 3. About to hit the high bouncing ball. The hands and arms have swung the bat down, flattening the arc, accelerating the swing of the ball to the ball. The trunk still faces square on to the off side. The head turns with the flight of the ball. The hands are in position to whip the ball away.
4. The hit is made. The right hand has turned the face of the bat over to hit the ball down. Both arms have unhinged at the elbow. The head turns. The eyes watch the ball on the bat. The weight of the body rocks back as the arms straighten and power is put into the shot. The trunk has stayed square on to the off side. The Square Cut
The Square Cut 5. The right wrist rolls over the left to complete the hit and keep the ball down.
6.Finish of the shot. The right hand, having turned the bat blade over, continues in the follow through over the left shoulder. Both arms bend. The trunk turns with the swing of the follow through The Square Cut
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