The Square Slash
Played to the ball pitching at half-volley length wide of the off stump, too wide for the orthodox off drive to be attempted.

The Square  Slash
1.The left foot goes out and up the wicket. The left shoulder points towards the line of the ball. The wrist is still cocked in the down swing of the bat.
2.He right arm hugs he right side of the body. The left hand is well in front of the right hand. The knees are bending to bring the hands down. With the balance of the body on the haunches. The eyes watch the ball about to pitch, around the area in line with the front foot crease. The Square  Slash
The Square  Slash 3. The hit is made with the left hand well in front of the right hand, angling the bat. The bat blade is square on of the moment of impact.
4a 4b. The hit has been made. The eyes follow the ball off the bat. The wrists have not rolled over. The both hands and arms swing on with the left hand still leading. The Square  Slash
The Square  Slash
5. The complete follow through, still sitting down on the haunches, the eyes watch the ball in the direction of the shot; past square point. The hands swing on to a high finish. The Square  Slash
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