Lofted Drive Over Mid-Off
The stroke is played to the ball pitching just short of the half volley, just on or 
outside the off stump

Lofted Drive Over Mid-Off
1.  The bat goes up. The eyes see the ball in the air.
2.The bat goes on to the higher pick up ready for the attacking shot. The weight of the body is beginning to come forward. The eyes watch the ball, as it is about to pitch. Lofted Drive Over Mid-Off
Lofted Drive Over Mid-Off 3.The bat and left leg to towards the ball simultaneously. The left hand leads the swing 
of the bat, the right hand behind the handle. The right elbow hugs the right side. The eyes 
follow the ball about to pitch.

4.The hit is madam the right hand swinging past the left, angling the bat to hit the ball into the air. The thrust of the right hand and the acceleration of the bat to the ball put the power into the shot. The right arm is almost straight. The left leg bends at the knee and the weight of the body is rocking back with the upward hit.

Lofted Drive Over Mid-Off
Lofted Drive Over Mid-Off 5.The complete follow through. The right arm is straight, carrying on in the direction of the hit. The weight goes back on to the right leg. The eyes look past the right arm at the flight of the hit. The hips turn and the trunk opens up with the full follow through of the bat.
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