Played to the ball pitching on the half volley length, on or just outside the leg stump.

1. The left foot goes out alongside the line of the ball and up to the half volley. Simultaneously, 
the bat is brought down from a line outside the off stump. Head in the upright position, forehead
square to the line of the ball.
2. The weight is over the left leg. Both wrists are cocked. Both elbows bent and the left hand leads the swing of the bat. The eyes watch the ball as for as possible to the pitch. The right knee is bent inwards, turning the right hip round.
3. The ball is about to be hit. The bat continues its line from outside the off stump towards the on side ball. The trunk is almost square on towards the ball. The right elbow brushes the right side. The right hand begins to uncock, ready to put the hit into the shot.
4. The front-on position, the same stage. The bat face is coming square on to the ball. The left arm is unhinging. Right arm straightening as the right hand uncocks to put the power into the shot. The balance of the body well over the front leg. The right heel off the ground. Helping the body balance to go forward. The eyes watch the ball as far as possible on to the bat.
5. The follow through. Well up on the toes of the back foot, the weight going forward over the front leg. The shoulders turn with the follow through of thee power right hand. The head is steady. The eyes watch the ball on its way. The right shoulder dips slightly with the hit and follow through of the right hand.
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