Play the off drive to the ball pitched well up that is a half that is a half volley, on or outside the off stump. 
The aim of the shot is to get the face of the bat well behind the ball at the moment of hitting, and keeping 
it square on in the direction of the shot.

1.Put the left foot up to and alongside the line of the ball. The weight goes forward over the left leg.
2.Go to the high pick up and, simultaneously with the left foot going out, the bat commences the down swing. Point the left shoulder towards the line of the on-coming ball; this will take the bat over the leg stump. The head is steady. Watch the ball in its flight down the wicket.
3.The bat commences its down swing coming form the lien of the leg stump towards 
the ball outside the off stump. Keep the wrist cocked. At this stage the left hand has 
the major part in swinging the bat towards the ball and the left shoulder is still pointed
towards the line of the ball. The eye line will be over the left elbow.

4.Keep the wrist cocked and the bat swinging with the left arm. The weight is going forward over the left leg. The left arm is beginning to unhinge. The right elbow brushes the right side with the right hand behind the handle of the bat. The bat face is now square on to the ball.

5.The hit is about to be made. The left hand still swinging the bat. The right hand grip is firmer at this stage. It is the right hand that will put the power into the shot. The eye line is now over the left hand, following the ball as far as possible towards the bat.
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