This is played to the ball which is moving in towards the batsman, turning towards the stumps, to which a shot must be played.
offspin1 1.First move. The right foot goes back in the line of the off-stump. The foot is placed in this position to begin the covering up of the stumps with the legs.
2.The ball has pitched and is turning in towards the stumps. The left leg has come back towards the batsmsman simultaneously with the commencement of the down swing of the bat. The weight is on the braced right leg. The weight of the bat is coming towards the square on position. The shoulders are slightly open. The bat is coming down form the line of the off stump to meet the ball as it turns across the legs. Both wrists are still cocked. Both arms are bent. The left hand leads the bat’s swing. offspin2
offspin3 3.The ball is about to be played. The left hand leading the bat and angling it. The face
of the bat is now square on towards the ball. The right wrist is cocked. The left arm is
bent, keeping both hands high ready to play down on the bouncing, turning ball. The right
hand is behind the handled of the bat. The wrists are still cocked. The right elbow hugs the
right side. The weight is one the right leg. The eyes watch the ball turning off the pitch and
look over the hands.
4.The ball is played. Up on the toes of the left foot, lifting the left side of the body. The bent left arm with a firm left hand grip goes high, keeping the bat angled. The bat handle is in front of the toe of the bat. The ball is played down. The right arm still well into the right side. The right hand is relaxed, but a firm grip maintained with the thumb and fingers. The right hand at this stage I open, the top hand doing the major part in playing the ball down. The ball is allowed to come up to the batsman and is played at a point opposite the left leg. offspin4
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