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1. The eyes watch the ball coming down the pitch. The weight goes forward. The front foot goes out. The bat commences the down swing. The front foot goes alongside the line of the ball and as close to the pitch of the ball as possible.


2. From the back, same stage. The hands go away from the body. The bat face is coming round to the square on position. The right wrist is clocked. The right elbow into the right side.

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3. Upon the toes of the back foot. The bat face swings down past the right side.

4. The left hand leads, angling the bat with the handle forward of the toe of the bat. The right hand, wrist uuncocking, stays behind the handle. Both arms are bent. The eyes watch the ball pitching over the left hand. ffoot4.gif (4015 bytes)
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5. The bat turns to play the ball towards the on side and is square on to meet the ball. The weight well forward over the left leg, assisting the left arm, left hand still well forward of the right hand, angling the bat to meet the ball.

6. The finish of the shot. The ball is played away towards the on side. The left hand is still well in front of the right and the weight over the left leg. The eyes watch the ball over the left hand. ffoot6.gif (3716 bytes)
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