The Sweep
Played to the ball pitching short of the half volley or outside the leg stump. It can be 
used against either the off spinner, hitting with the turn towards the on side, or the 
leg spinner, hitting against the turn.
The Sweep 1. The bat starts the down swing. At the same time, the left foot goes out inside the line of the ball, keeping it on the left-hand side. At this stage the shoulders are sideways on to the on-coming ball.
2. Both knees are bent, allowing the balance to occur over the haunches. The shoulders begin to open slightly. Both wrists are fully cocked. The hands are dropping the bat in order to flatten the arc of the cross swing at the ball. The eyes watch the ball about to pitch. The Sweep
The Sweep 3.Same stage from the back. The right arm bent. The right arm bent. The face of the bat is towards the off side.
4. The arc of the bat has been flattened. The wrists still bent. The left hand is firm. The left arm controls the swing of the bat. Both arms slightly bent. The Sweep
The Sweep 5.the hit is about to be made. The sitting-down position is helping the flat arc of the swing of the bat. The left hand leads the swing. The right hand is about to hit the ball. The shoulders and trunk swivel on the hips. The right side comes round as the right wrist uncocks. The eyes watch the ball on to the bat.
6. The hit is made. The right hand punches the ball away. The balance is maintained. The head is steady, the body pivot at the hips. The Sweep
The Sweep 7. The ball goes off the bat. Both arms now swing on in the follow through. The trunk continues the pivot. The eyes watch the ball off the bat.
8. The complete follow through. The trunk has completed almost a full turn, but the body balance is still constant on the haunches. The left arm bends, allowing the swing of the right hand and arm to finish it impetus. The eyes follow the direction of the shot. The Sweep
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