The Pick Up
Pick Up 1. The bat commences the pickup both hands taking the bat
back towards the stumps, both wrists cocking and arms
beginning to bend. The head and shoulders do not move.
The balance of the body is retained.
2. The left arm is only slightly bent. The bent right arm begins
to go past the right side of the body. The right hand is now
slightly open. The cocking of the wrist movement is
beginning to turn the blade of the bat from the square on
position. Both legs slightly bent to hold the balance.
Pick Up
Pick Up 3. The bat has gone up to the normal pick up position, left arm
still slightly bent. Both wrists cocked, the right arm sliding past
the right hand side of the body.
4. The head is steady. The eye line is past the left shoulder looking
for the ball in the air from the bowler’s hand.
Pick Up
Pick Up 5.The high pick up for the attacking shot when a full swing of the
bat is necessary. The hands have continued to take the bat up.
Both wrists are cocked. Both arms are bent, right arm sliding past
the right side. The face of the bat square on to the off side. Head
steady, eyes looking for the ball in the bowler’s hand.
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