rarmoff.gif (2181 bytes)
1.gif (1030 bytes) 1. The off-spinner is the ball which is spun from the bowler’s hand and spins from left to right in the flight down the wicket and turns from off side towards leg side when it pitches.
2. The position of the feet in relation to the crease. The left foot is towards the on side. 2.gif (2891 bytes)
3.gif (3003 bytes) 3. The grip. Put the ball into the right hand, palm downwards, and spread two fingers over the seam.

4. The ball rests against the inside of the thumb.


4.gif (3021 bytes)
5.gif (3503 bytes) 5. Curl the fourth finger from the inside against the seam.
6. Seen from the back. The fingers are spread, with the first finger against the seam. 6.gif (3066 bytes)
7.gif (3250 bytes) 7. From the front. The fingers are spread the fourth finger curled and ready to impart spin.
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