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1.The basic grip. First and second fingers alongside the seam,
the humb supporting underneath. Third and fourth fingers at
the side of the ball.

2. Foot positions at the crease when delivering the ball.
3. Start by walking to the wicket. Whether walking or running
to the wicket, the balance of the body will always go forward.
4. The front foot is going forward. The hands hang down n relaxed
position. The head is steady. The eyes look forward.
5. The right hand swings high. The initial swing of the right
arm to this position starts before the initial swing of the left arm.
As the right arm swings up, the right foot has gone forward.
6. The left foot comes forward past the right. The left arm
carries on with this upward swing. The right arm commences
the downward swing. The left arm carries on with the upward
swing. The balance of the body is on the back leg. The trunk
is turning towards the sideways-on position. The eyes look
down the wicket over the left elbow.
7. The left arm has gone to a higher position. The trunk has
turned sideways on. The head is steady. The eyes look over
the left shoulder. The right arm stays close to the body in
its downward swing.

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