The chinaman is the off break bowled by a left hander with a leg-break action spinning the ball from left to right in its flight down the wicket and, on pitching, turns towards the leg side.
Chinaman 1.The grip of the spread fingers.
2. Arriving at the wicket, the weight well back. The right arm high and the eyes looking past the right shoulders. Chinaman
Chinaman 3. The position of the hand just before the upward swing of the bowling arm to deliver the ball. The ball is held in a similar fashion to the right hand leg bread and the spin will be imparted with the third finger. The hand faces upwards.
4.Just before deliver. The back of the hand faces upwards and the wrist is still fully cocked. Chinaman
Chinaman 5.About to release the ball. The hand is turning over and the left arm is imparting the spin.
6.The complete follow through. The weight has gone on and over the right leg. The trunk and shoulders complete a full turn as the left arm swings across the body. The left hand, turning as it spins the ball from left to right, must bring the left arm across the body. Chinaman
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