To bowl fast the right ( bowling) arm must swing as quickly as possible. To assist the accelerated swing of the bowling arm, the trunk must   do a very rapid twist and turn. The run up to the wicket will be much longer and quicker than that of the medium pace bowler. The run up should be accelerating so that the quickest point will be at the take off jumps towards the bowling crease.

1. The final stride to the crease: the mid air position just before landing on the right foot
at the crease.The right leg is going past the left and is about to land with the foot pointing
square to the off side. The trunk is turning towards the sideways –on position. The left arm
is reaching as high as possible. The eyes look over the left shoulder. The head is steady.

2. The right leg is braced. The right arm has gone forward and down and is about to commence the upward swing towards the moment of releasing the ball. The left leg is high and bent, ready to go forward with the forward swing of the left arm. fastbowl2

3. Still sideways. Just before the ball is released.

4. The turning movements of the trunk and hips of the fast bowler, being made so quickly, means a more complete follow through over the left leg. The left leg has taken the shock of the body when it landed and the late accelerating turn took place. The swing of the left arm has gone past and close to the left leg. The right arm is following the left arm round the body. The hips do a complete turn. The trunk goes low in the follow through. The forehead is towards the batsman. The eyes look towards the pitch of the ball, and follow it on its way. fastbowl4
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