The googly is an off spinner bowled with a leg-bread action. But the wrist turns 
 over earlier than for the leg break delivery. This means that the back of the hand
   is facing the batsman at the moment of release. The ball comes out over the top 
of the third and little fingers. It is ‘flipped’ out at the moment of delivery.
Googly 1. About to swing the right bowling  arm up to deliver the ball. The wrist is cocked and the 
hand faces palm upwards. The ball is held in the fingers of the hand, similarly to the leg break grip.
2. Just before the bowling arm reaches the upright position prior to the moment of release. The right hand has reversed itself with the palm of the hand now towards the ground. Googly
Googly 3. The ball is about to be released.  The hand continues to roll over. The back of the hand 
now faces the batsman.
4.The same position from the batsman’s view. The left shoulder has dripped. The shoulders come round to bring the chest square on to the batsman. The balance of the body has gone on to the braced front leg. The head steady. The eyes look up the wicket towards the intended line of flight of the delivery.


Googly 5. The ball is being released. The hand turns over in a rolling movement. The fingers impart left to right spin on the ball. The left side is down.
6. The ball leaves the hand. The left shoulder is well down. The chest almost square on to the batsmen. The dipping left shoulder assists the inside out turn of the bowling hand. The inside of the forearm bow faces the batsman. The right hand begins to straighten. The weight goes on to the braced front leg. Googly
Googly 7. The follow through. The hand turns completely inside out. The inside of the forearm is still towards the batsman. The bowling arm is swinging past the right side. The chest is square on. The left shoulder goes up as the body weight goes over the front leg. In the follow through. The right leg is bent at the knee as the hips complete a full turn.
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