Left Arm Outswinger
This is the ball which swings from right to left on its flight down the  wicket an maintains
that path off the pitch towards the slip.  It is bowled from over the wicket. The stumps 
are on the bowler’s left side.
Left Arm Outswinger 1.Stand at the wicket with the left arm upright and cock the left wrist backwards. The first and 
second fingers alongside the seam; the thumb underneath, and the third and fourth finger 
supporting. The seam points towards first slip.
2.The position just prior to releasing the ball. The shoulders open up. The weight on the right leg. The hand behind the ball ready to push the ball at the moment of release. The hand has turned from the previous position with the turn of the shoulders. Left Arm Outswinger
Left Arm Outswinger 3.The hand at the moment of release turns towards first slip position and the ball is release
 with the hand upright.
4.The complete follow through. The body fall away; towards the on side at the moment of release the ball. The left hand continues its turn in the follow through. The left side comes round. The shoulders do a full turn. The left leg is coming over the right. The right arm swings past the right side and continues behind, pulling the step over of the left foot away from the playing area of the pitch. Left Arm Outswinger
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