Left Arm Spin
Orthodox left arm spin will turn the ball from right to left off the pitch, the ball spinning from right to left in its flight down the wicket.
Left Arm Spin 1.  Place the ball in the left hand, the first, second and third fingers apart, the thumb underneath, the first and second finger across the seam.
2.The ball is spun with the first finger at the moment of release. Left Arm Spin
Left Arm Spin 3.Arriving at the wicket, with the weight on the back foot, the right foot points in the direction of the first slip with the right side also point in that direction.
4.The left arm swings forward and down before coming behind the body. The left hand turns at this points, face upwards. Left Arm Spin
Left Arm Spin 5. As the bowling arm commences the upwards wing, it begins to turn from right to left, the weight is still on the braced left leg, the head steady.
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