Leg Cutter
The leg cutter is the ball which is cut with the first two fingers  across the 
seam from right to left, producing a turn of the ball from right to left the pitch.
Leg Cutter 1a. Place the ball in the right hand with the first and 
second fingers apart and the inside of the second finger against the seam.
1b. To produce the cut, pull the second finger against the seam and push down the side of the ball with the first finger. Leg Cutter
Leg Cutter 1c. Turn the wrist to this position.
2.   For the leg cutter, land at the crease with the weight well back and the trunk turned sideways on. Leg Cutter
Leg Cutter 3. The right arm swings forward and down, going behind the body. The right hand is beginning to turn. The left arm begins to go forward.
5. The left arm continues its forward swing. The right hand is coming into position, ready to deliver the ball and cut across the seam. Leg Cutter
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