Leg Spinner
Leg Spinner 1.The leg spinner is the ball that spins from right to left in its flight down the wicket and will 
turn towards the off side when it pitches.
2. The grip. The right hand is out, palm upwards. Put the ball in the hand with the seam sideways on. Grip with the first three fingers. Leg Spinner
Leg Spinner 3. The grip with the hand in the upright position. The thumb is supporting, the first 
three fingers are gripping.
4.The hand in the upright position forms the back. The fingers are spread with the third finger bent and the inside against the seam, ready to impart the spin.


Leg Spinner
Leg Spinner 5.The position of the hand just prior to the moment of release, with the third finger ready to impart the spin.
6.Position at the crease. The right arm has swung forward and down. The right wrist is in a flexible (floppy), cocked position. The weight is on the back leg. Leg Spinner
Leg Spinner 7a. The right arm is ready to swing upwards to the delivery point. The left arm is beginning to swing forwards, still sideways on. The palm of the hand faces upwards, with the fingers pointing away from the body.
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