Off Cutter The off cutter is the ball which turns in from off to leg when pitching and is usually bowled at medium pace.

1. Place the ball in the right hand with the first and second fingers close together and across the seam, with the inside of the second finger resting  against the third finger. The spin is imparted by cutting the first and second fingers down and across the seam from left to right. Off Cutter
Off Cutter 2. The right arm is coming up ready to deliver the ball, still sideways on with the left arm swinging towards the leg stump. The back is arched with the palm of the bowling hand facing upwards.

3.Just before the moment of delivery shoulders beginning to open. The right wrist is cocked backwards, head steady, eyes looking down the wicket.


Off Cutter
Off Cutter 4. About to deliver the ball. The first two fingers on the right hand are in position to cut across the seam from left to right.
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