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   Fielding practice should consist of catching, chasing and throwing. The good fielder is an all-rounder who can field both close to the wicket and the in or out field.
Fielding 1. Run towards the ball and stop with both hands. Bend the
legs so that the hands can be brought down to the ball. The
trunk bends over. The eyes watch the ball into the hands.
2. The ball has been stopped. The right hand is palm forward, the left hand closing to ensure a firm grasp of the ball. The balance of the body rocks back preparatory to coming up for a right arm throw. Fielding
Fielding 3. The legs straighten, the trunk at the same time turns
sideways to the direction of throw. The weight is on the
back foot.
4.The arms come up. The left arm is bent, ready to straighten
out towards the target. The right arm is bent. The hand is back
and raised.
Fielding 5. The throw has been made. The left arm is thrown towards the target.
The right (throwing) arm follows through in the direction of the throw. The
balance goes forward over the front leg as the throwing arm swings
towards the target.


1.Before the ball is caught. The balance of the body is forward on to both legs. Both arms are bent. Both hands are together. Expect every ball bowled to provide a possible catch.

Catch2 2. Coming up for the catch. The legs are straightening to come up
to the height of the ball. The hands are coming together to take the
catch. The eyes follow the ball as far as possible.

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