There are no short cuts to Victory. If you want to be the winner, you have to perform, and perform better than anyone else. Sri Lankan players knew the depth of the above statement and so they started performing. They performed with such brilliance that the team which was under-rated earlier, came out to be the winners of the World Cup 1996. They have proved that with hard work and determination nothing remains impossible.

However, with the change of captaincy, Sri Lankans failed to deliver their best and hence, were out of headlines for few years. They were out of the World Cup 1999 at the preliminary level. But now the stars of Sri Lankan team are changing again. Jai Suriya, Captain of the one-day side is back in form and is gaining experience and confidence with every game. It won't take him long to reach the Ranatunga's status.

Sri Lankans recent tour of Pakistan is   a big success. They have smashed Pakistan by winning the one-day as well as the Test series and that too in Pakistan.

We wish them all the luck in the near future and hope that they keep shining as Stars in the world of cricket.

Saurav Chowdhary

Meticulous planing and good administration can do wonders . Sri Lanka is a fine example of what good management can do for the team. Led by a very professional team of thinkers, managers, physio, coaches and visionaries like the Ex- President of the Board of Control for Cricket, Ana Punchihewa won them the World Cup in 1996. Sri Lankans dared to dream, they set high standards for themselves; they fought and they triumphed.

Sri Lanka went through a low phase after the World Cup. But now they are back with a bang .They beat Pakistan in the test series in Pakistan .Not a small achievement by any standards. The team has shown great progress under the coach Dav Whatmore and physio Alex Kontouri, they are looking forward to the home series against Pakistan and South Africa.

Sri Lankans are back in form, a tough time ahead for the opponents.

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